Tulpa (2012) – A Nightmarish Red-Band Trailer

Judging by this red-band trailer, Tulpa proves that horror genre giallo is alive and well. Directed by Federico Zampaglione (A Dream House Nightmare, Shadow), Tulpa tells the story of Lisa (Claudia Gerini), a powerful stock broker who frequents Tulpa, a sex club owned by a mysterious Tibetan guru. Released from the pressures of her job, she will do anything to attain a higher consciousness, but when her lovers are murdered in shocking ways, Lisa tries to unmask the anonymous assassin with nightmare consequences.

Tulpa (2012)

If that description, which basically says that there’s lots of sex and blood in the film, isn’t enough to persuade you to see this film, then enjoy the red-band trailer. However, the film’s description suggests a moral: Deviant behavior, i.e., visiting sex clubs and taking drugs, will land you in a pool of death.

Rock Hard \m/

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