Chariots Of The Gods – Tides Of War (2013) Review

Yell! Magazine’s review of Chariots of the Gods’ Tides of War:

It might be a bit early in the year to call it, but Chariots of the Gods might have the Canadian Metal album of the year on their hands. And why not? Tides of War, the band’s debut full length, does so much that’s right with metal. From the opening track, “Overture,” which serves as an invocation of the metal gods to the shredding solos to the rapid-fire drumming to the catchy riffs to the occasional breakdowns.

As a metal fan with a penchant for thrash, Tides of War definitely satisfies, and if there’s one thing I love, it’s guitars that can carry the song’s hook without constantly relying on crunch-crunch chords. But don’t go thinking that this is a thrash metal album, it’s a definite blend of thrash, melodic death, and metalcore.

Chariots Of The Gods - Tides Of War

Renaud Jobin does a great job of delivering the vocals, which somehow don’t come off as annoying. They aren’t the kind of death vocals that I like, as they’re a bit cleaner and probably closer to metalcore. So the vocals are borderline this and that, and at times Jobin delivers vocals that sound like Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta (“Collapse of an Empire,” “Tides of War”), both in sound and in flow. His best vocals are on “Unbound.” I won’t complain about the near-rap delivery on “Blind Assassin,” but the lyric “back to back, fade to black” on that track just rings as cheesy ninth grader trying to be a provocative poet. In fact, I think I wrote those very words on more than one occasion as a misguided youth.

Chariots of the Gods bring full-throttle metal on Tides of War, but there’s little variation to differentiate the songs. So, it’s a good thing that where the band really shines is in their musicianship and their breakdowns or instrumentals, such as on the previously mentioned “Overture,” and on “Snow Falls on the White River (1914),” “Collapse of an Empire,” “Nebula” (which sounds like an homage to the theme from The Thing), and the outro on “Annihilation of the Gods.”

The Verdict: [rating:2.5]

Tides of War is a solid album and a very impressive one for a debut. The production quality is full and rich and Chariots of the Gods give us just about everything that should be on a metal album. But while the energy is there, a certain charisma is missing, which leaves this album somewhere in the middle. What I love about the album, however, are the breakdowns, instrumentals, and the shredding.

Rock Hard \m/

Tides of War

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Chariots of the Gods
Tides of War
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29 January 2013
Metalcore, Melodic Death, Thrash
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Chariots of the Gods

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