Tomahawk’s Oddfellows Is Streaming Today



As we mentioned last week, when we were orgasmic about the new track “Oddfellows,” the new Tomahawk album, Oddfellows, is streaming in its entirety today on Spin. If you venture over to Spin for a listen, and you really should, you’ll also find an interview with the band (Mike Patton, Duane Denison, John Stanier, and Trevor Dunn).

So far, and as I stated before, Tomahawk’s Oddfellows sounds much more accessible than Mr. Bungle, but not as mainstream as Faith No More, yet there are elements of both. I also hear a bit of Fugazi, specifically on “Stone Letter.”

I have a feeling this album will be on heavy rotation for me this year. Yellers, expect a full album review in the very near future.

Rock Hard \m/

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