New Clip From MANIAC Features Elijah Wood Getting Fellatio [VIDEO]

Unfortunately, this new clip from the remake of the 1980 William Lustig cult horror pic of the same name isn’t safe for work since it features a kill scene carried out by Frank (Elijah Wood), a serial killer who is back on the hunt to fulfill his fetish for scalps.

To briefly sum up this scene, we pretty much just see the fait of Lucie (Megan Duffy), which is in the hands of Frank while she is performing fellatio on him and is suddenly strangled for her scalp. It’s sick and twisted, but not all that brutal because you don’t see any blood in it; however, the POV shots that are used effectively make the scene horrifyingly real. I also think the use of Buffalo Bill’s theme from Silence of the Lambs, “Goodbye Horse,” adds a creepy tone. You just know something bad is going to happen to the sexy tattooed gal.

maniac (2012) - Elijah Wood

MANIAC is currently circulating in theaters internationally, but isn’t released in the U.S. just yet since the American distribution rights were acquired by IFC Midnight back in August. Based on speculation, you can expect an early release this year.

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