Buckcherry’s Brand-Spankin’ New “Gluttony” Video

A few weeks ago we brought you tour dates/news and the lyric video for Buckcherry‘s lead single, “Gluttony,” from the upcoming Confessions. Today the hard rockers released the official video, which features hot chicks French kissing, excessive drinking, pill popping, and more. “Gluttony” is one of those tracks that’s so full of hooks that once those hooks grab hold of your sack, you’re going wherever it leads you.

Buckcherry’s Brand-Spankin’ New “Gluttony” Video

It’s not a real deep song lyrically, but there is meaning, and apparently the album is a concept album. Hard to believe that a sleaze rock/metal band can pull off a concept album. Let’s take a look at what vocalist Josh Todd has to say,

“The concept of the video is excess, consuming everything excessively, and moderation is not even in the equation. I’m very familiar with that, and a lot of guys in the band are familiar with that. Because the record is called Confessions, we filmed the video in a church, we got Jesus down here, which is killer, and we got a lot of our fans in it, which is amazing; they came out on their own time and have really put in a lot of sweat equity, so thank you to them.”

So, there you go, from the horses mouth. It’s a concept album. Confessions, gluttony… seven deadly sins.

Confessions will hit stores on February 19. You can find the tour dates by checking out the lyric video for “Gluttony.”

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