Savage Messiah Thrash Your Ears Off With “All Seeing I” [VIDEO]

Savage MessiahFormed in 2007, Savage Messiah are among a small but growing army of shredders proving that thrash metal is alive and well. The band is currently proving this fact with their latest video for the track “All Seeing I.”

Yes, the video is another of my least favorite kind, which is of the band performing “live” for the camera. I find these extremely boring, but I also understand that budgets often don’t allow for much more. I also think that, if these types of videos are done right, they can convey a band’s energy and love for performing. This, I think, is the case with Savage Messiah’s “All Seeing I.”

“All Seeing I” is brutal, appacolyptic, thrash at its finest. Opening with a wicked riff and heart-stopping drum fills. By the time the chugging starts, you might actually think that you’re listening to some old-school Metallica or Megadeth. You won’t mistake Savage Messiah for either of those legends once Dave Silver starts in on the mic with his much cleaner and higher ranging vocals. Joff Bailey’s solos are screaming and ripping. The outro on this track is something I love and I’m glad it doesn’t get overused.

Check out the track, which comes off Savage Messiah’s latest Plague of Conscience. You can order the album at Amazon for just $11.99. The CD and colored vinyl can also be ordered in the UK at or in North America at

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