The Walking Dead Kills Another Executive

It’s no surprise that the hugely popular AMC series, The Walking Dead, has been renewed for a fourth season. What is surprising is the fact that executive producer and showrunner Glen Mazzara will not be joining the party. A joint statement issued by both AMC and Mazzara stated that the two parties didn’t see eye to eye regarding the direction the show should take. Fans need not fear a mid-season departure, a la Frank Darabont, as Mazzara will stay on board for post-production of the second half of The Walking Dead, Season 3.

Glen Mazzara

Speaking of the mid-season departure of Darabont, we were fortunate that the show didn’t receive a fatal blow to the head with the changing of the guard. I know that there was a shift in Season 2, but if I hadn’t known about the crap behind the scenes, I’m not sure that I would have noticed. Let’s hope that we’re as lucky this time around.

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The Walking Dead Season 4

The Walking Dead Season 4

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