Yell! Magazine’s The Twelve Days Of Horror Christmas

Five Possessed Bodies



Until Patrick Wilson goes to The Further, also known as Crazy Dalton’s Faulty Smoke Machine Emporium, this movie is really good.

The Exorcist

If I say anything about The Exorcist, I’ll probably be accused of plagiarism. Aside from Psycho, this might be the most talked-about horror film ever.

The Last Exorcism

Documentary crew follows a fake exorcist as he attempts to beat back mysticism with shaking beds and noises. Fake exorcist learns that he shouldn’t have cried wolf for so long because the devil hates posers.


It’s not a human body, but the pseudo-sexual relationship that Arnie has with it makes it just as much of a human as any other possessed person on the list.

Paranormal Activity

I bet you liked this movie, huh? You might have liked the second one too, and you tolerated the third. Now we’re going to get one every year until the end of time. I’m a hypocrite, though. I saw all of them in theaters too.

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