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Stephen King - Maximum Overdrive

Six King’s Crowning


Fans are weird and know too much about how to cripple authors. Misery is great too.

The Mist

The Mist is a film that should’ve been a thousand times more popular. I’ve never heard louder cheers in an audience than when Toby Jones puts a bullet through the religious nut’s head.


You know something’s wrong when John Travolta is laughing at you. Sissy Spacek did, and got her revenge by burning down a gymnasium with everyone in it. Overkill? Possibly.

Salem’s Lot

Stephen King’s second book and Tobe Hooper’s first big TV movie. This was a few years before Tobe Hooper was replaced by a man intent on destroying the legacy of Tobe Hooper, who was also named Tobe Hooper.

The Shining

Sure, it’s a great movie. It’s Kubrick. That man took shits, (long, well-crafted shits, with insane amounts of takes) and flushed greatness. But it also started one of the most hackneyed jokes of all time. “Here’s (insert name here. Usually Johnny.)”

Maximum Overdrive

I have nothing to say about the movie. But Stephen King’s narration of the trailer is hilarious. So you should just watch that. Trust me, you’re not missing much.

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