Yell! Magazine’s The Twelve Days Of Horror Christmas

Seven Aliens Invading



Alien invades John Hurt’s body and ruins everyone’s dinner. Aliens are dicks.

Super 8

Alien escapes from the military and takes out his missing-home anxieties on a small town.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Your best friend isn’t a real person. He’s a pod being. Think about that for a second. You know what to do.

Destroy All Monsters

Aliens decide to control most of Japan’s most wanted and destroy earth with them. Then the monsters escape mind control and mess up the aliens. Best Documentary Nominee 1968.

Night of the Creeps

Best movie ever, period. Will make you want to say “Thrill me” whenever you start a conversation. You won’t be able to pull it off.


Merle Dixon gets infected by a parasite that turns him into a giant monster. His story is the sad tale of an asshole who does bad things and gets punished for it.

Superman II

Formerly imprisoned in the Phantom Zone by Superman’s father, Zod and his asshole friends invade Earth, just as Superman loses his powers. Superman regains his powers just in time to rock them though, thus saving the film from being called Superman: Who’s The New Guy In The Jogging Pants-Shiiiiiitttttt!

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