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Nine Revenge Having’s

I Spit On Your Grave

The epitome of the Grindhouse/Exploitation film. It’s often overlooked as a good film because of this. There was a remake though, which decided to make it more like Saw 4 and less like quality.


Guy is imprisoned mysteriously for 15 years. He then proceeds to have the greatest fight scene in a hallway that has ever been filmed in one take/filmed at all.

13 Warriors

Warrior holds up a sign that says “Total Massacre” and all of his enemies think, “Oh shit,” and the audience thinks, “Oh shit, this is going to be good.”

Ichi The Killer

Guy is brainwashed into thinking he was bullied in order to take out rival gangs with his shoe blade. Way less lame than it sounds. See also: guy cuts off own tongue, guy throws pins into another guy’s head.

I Saw The Devil

The good guy from Oldboy becomes the psychopathic bad guy in this one. A must watch for girlfriends everywhere, as a test for them being worthy marriage material.

Death Wish (all of them)

Paul Kersey’s family is repeatedly raped and murdered. He responds to this by doing the latter to everyone he comes in contact with. There were five of these films, each more warranted than the last.

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan

Khan is abandoned on a planet and decides to exact his revenge. Considering the whole “abandoned on a planet for years to die” thing, he almost makes a solid case.

Point Blank

Lee Marvin is a giant badass as he searches for where all the money he was owed is.

Cape Fear

Robert Mitchum joins Lee Marvin in the league of badasses and decides to get revenge on Gregory Peck’s lawyer character, the man he believes responsible for his time spent in jail.

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