Yell! Magazine’s The Twelve Days Of Horror Christmas


Ten Demons Rising

Evil Dead

Girl gets raped by a tree and an unseen force attacks a cabin. I discovered, when writing the previous sentence, that no description does Evil Dead justice with the exception of forcing everyone to just watch Evil Dead.


“They’re here.” A lot of debate over whether Tobe Hooper directed more of the film than Steven Spielberg or vice versa. The answer to this is that it doesn’t matter. At all. Really.


Say his name five times in a mirror and he appears. Then instantly regret what you’ve just done.

Rosemary’s Baby

Roman Polanski established himself in America with this film. Perfectly put together and ridiculously well-scripted and paced, Rosemary’s Baby is a warning against witchcraft and sex in New York alike.


People seek pleasure and get chains. Guy says, “Jesus wept” and is pulled apart by hooks. It’s really kind of poetic, actually.

Rawhead Rex

Best title of a movie ever.

Prince of Darkness

People spit the devil into other people’s mouths.

The Devil’s Advocate

Al Pacino method acts as Satan.

The Omen

This film has the best decapitation in history. A sheet of glass cuts a photographer’s head off in slow motion. Gregory Peck looks on horrified, and then tries to kill his devil son. He gets shot by the police though, because the defense, “MY SON IS THE ANTICHRIST” sounds loony when you say it out loud.

Night of the Demons

Ten high schoolers decide to have a party in the worst possible place: a funeral parlor. This was before teens actually decided to drink in graveyards as a normal thing, and thus, rendered this movie sort of irrelevant.

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