Pacific Rim 1st Trailer: The Best 2 Minutes You’ll Have All Day (Unless You Have A Giant Robot Suit)

“Today we are cancelling the apocalypse.” So says our inspirational leader in the trailer for Pacific Rim. Like I said before, there are elements of this Guillermo del Toro film that are reminiscent of Independence Day. However, this Godzilla-like retelling looks like it will be epic, and I’m sure James Cameron is kicking himself for not thinking of this blockbuster.

Pacific Rim

Compared to the previous teasers we got, this trailer tells a bit more of the story. For example, there seems to be a portal to another dimension deep within the Pacific Ocean, and that’s totally believable because we know very little about the depths of our waters; they’re as mysterious to us as outer space. But given the fantasy and the required suspension of reality to enjoy Pacific Rim, I still have one question: What will be the title of the porn spinoff?

Rock Hard \m/

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