MMA: Anderson “The Spider” Silva Shows Off His Inner Bruce Lee Skills [VIDEO]

One of the most talked about piece of MMA news at the moment is the fight between the two champions, which is Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre. And we all know that Silva is ready to fight tomorrow, and GSP is on vacation thinking over his future options. While GSP is also battling with the media overseas and clearing up the false rumor about him wanting to take the Silva fight for $50 million, Silva is taking it easy as he shows off his inner Bruce Lee skills to a student of Andre Galvão, a Brazilian fighter who is currently signed with soon-to-be-forgotten STRIKEFORCE.

The video was recently shot by Andre at a gym in Los Angeles, and it clearly shows “The Spider” in a relaxed state without a hint of stress by all the media attention in regard to the super fight.

Check it out, and drop us a comment or two about it below.


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