Evil Dead (2013) Teaser Poster Revealed – Do You Like It?

Evil Dead (2013) Teaser Poster

Evil Dead (2013) Teaser Poster

Earlier today, some of you got a look at the first official teaser poster released via Yahoo! Movies for the Evil Dead remake.

I’m now curious to know how you guys all feel about it in comparison to the feeling you had for the red band trailer? If you happen to like the trailer, does it hit the same “wow” factor?

I’m actually a little disappointed, as I was expecting the poster to have a bit more visual punch, and maybe get a sense of nostalgia from the original classic. This, however, feels like an anti-Nazi campaign to save the Jews from the concentration camps. That’s a hard comparison, I know, but a kick-ass horror film deserve a kick-ass poster to go along with it, and this ain’t it. Thankfully, this is only the first one, and I’m looking forward to what the marketing team can offer next, as it should be easy to blow this one away.

Let us know what you think about the Evil Dead teaser poster below.

Evil Dead (2013) was directed by Fede Alvarez and is slated for a spring 2013 release.

Evil Dead (2013)

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