The Walking Dead (Season 3) – “Say The Word”

Daryl is the last member of the tribe we’d expect to have paternal instincts, but the baby loves him. We’ve always known that Daryl was the softer one of the two Dixon brothers, but he was the first to step up and volunteer to go on a baby formula run. Even if his reasons were to escape the chaos at the prison, he was the first saint to raise his hand in the immediate aftermath of the security breach and mere seconds after Rick disappears into the prison.

Upon his return from the run, Daryl placed a Cherokee Rose, which you’ll recall is the same flower he gave to Carol in Season 2, on the missing Carol’s grave. This act alone will perpetuate the love that many adoring female fans of The Walking Dead have for him.

Glenn, on the other hand, revealed a darker side when he expressed to Hershel, “Part of me wishes that we killed all the prisoners on sight.” Glenn is a fundamental component of the tribe and he’s obviously gained Hershel’s trust, but after weeks of neglect from the writers, it seems they’ve decided to rid the character of his Indiana Jones-sidekick appeal.

This “other side” theme also goes beyond our characters. It extends to Woodbury itself. By the end of the episode, Michonne’s prophetic words, “This place is not what they say it is,” were proved true. Finally, Andrea’s eyes were opened to what Michonne has seen all along — the other side of Woodbury.

Michonne has also ventured to the other side of Woodbury’s secured wall. We know what’s on the other side, and considering Michonne’s skill with her sword, it’s probably a better option. A few questions come from her departure though:

-Will Andrea join her?
-Will the Governor let Michonne leave Woodbury so easily, or is there some kind of trap that’s been laid?
-And, will Michonne find and join the other side (aka, the tribe at the prison)?

It’s inevitable that our two groups will meet and clash, and I predict that the Governor will say something to Rick along the lines of, “You and I aren’t that much different,” but I sincerely hope that this doesn’t turn into a capture-the-flag type of season.

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5

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