Red Band Trailer For The Evil Dead Remake Is Here – And We Love It! [VIDEO]

Evil Dead Remake Trailer

Evil Dead Remake TrailerAs promised yesterday, the first trailer for the Evil Dead remake premiered today on IGN. Now, we finally get to see with our own eyes the new direction of the franchise that inspired so many horror films over the last three decades, such as Dead Snow, Drag me to Hell, Cabin Fever, Dead Alive, and so many others.

What can you expect in the Evil Dead trailer?

Well, since it’s a red band trailer, almost everything. I need to warn you that you may want to watch it at home, or somewhere other than your workplace, because it does contain some gruesome details, like the slicing of the tongue. If that’s not a problem at all and you love this kind of shit, then hit the play button this instant.

As for any expectations, the Evil Dead remake feels like a serious version of the original, starring Bruce Campbell. Many memorable scenes have been brought back for the remake, but without the campy humor we all love so much, which is what I was expecting. At least that’s what the trailer tells me. Either way, it looks fantastic and very different, so I’m sure you will still enjoy it like I did.

Evil Dead is slated for release on April 12, 2013.

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