Warner Bros. Picks Up Video Rights For Friday the 13th Series

The Friday the 13th franchise is hands down one of the best slasher films around for the kill counts, and considering the genre, it is also one of the worst in terms of the ties between each sequel. These loose links between the films are among the worst in the history of horror exploits, in my opinion. But does that give enough reason to hate each sequel? Well, sure it does nowadays but at least Jason Voorhees did get resurrected after death 12 times in every shape or form imaginable: a copycat killer, a zombie, a spirit, a powerful cyborg named Uber-Jason. One thing is for sure, we can look back and at least say the franchise tried different ways to abuse the rebirth of our favorite masked villain, regardless if it was a tasteless attempt for a slasher.

F13th Part 6

Now, if you’re a true fan of Friday the 13th, and find everything I just said is plain rubbish, then you must have been scratching your head at one point in your life, wondering why a DVD box set hasn’t been released in all this time. The fact is simple, according to ShockTilYouDrop, this was impossible to do before because Warner Bros./New Line owned the home video rights to Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X, Freddy vs. Jason, and Friday the 13th (2009), while Paramount Home Video owned the rest.

F13th Part 5

Therefore, a complete box set was never released. However, a recent non-official announcement was made public that could very well make a Friday the 13th box set happen in the near future. Rumors are flying that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has acquired the DVD/Blu-ray rights to the F13th franchise, and Dan Farrands, F13th historian, had the following to say via Facebook:

“It’s confirmed that Warner Bros. DID acquire the F13th titles from Paramount, but they haven’t yet decided whether they will release a full Blu-ray box set or simply release “one offs” of each title.” – Daniel Farrands

The last thing to ask yourself based on this news is when will Warner Bros. make the official announcement, and finally promise us a full F13th DVD/Blu-ray box set?

Warner Bros. Picks Up Video Rights For Friday the 13th Series

Warner Bros. Picks Up Video Rights For Friday the 13th Series

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