Downfall Of Gaia – “In The Rivers Bleak” – I Think I’ll Go Cut Myself Now [VIDEO]

Downfall of Gaia has just released the video for the track “In the Rivers Bleak.” The track comes from their latest album, Suffocating in the Swarm of Cranes, which was just released on October 9, 2012.

So, after watching the video, I’m left with one question: What the fuck was that about? And my residual thought is: Holy shit, that was awesome.

What I can’t tell you for certain is what the video for “In the Rivers Bleak” is about. What I can tell you is that I love cinematic music videos, and this one, clocking in at eight minutes, definitely qualifies as a short. Filmed entirely in black and white, it seems to be about (I’m going to speculate now) a depressed middle-aged man searching for something, some sort of meaning or purpose or acceptance. When he seems to have found it, it doesn’t turn out to be what he had hoped it would be and he’s left more lost than before.

downfall of gaia

“In the Rivers Bleak” is a haunting and disturbing video, even if nothing graphic goes on. The most chilling image, of course, is when our protagonist dons the hood thingy, which conjures Leatherface imagery. Suitably, the song itself is haunting, disturbing, and chilling. It’s intense and almost painful to listen to, but still highly addictive.

Comments Downfall of Gaia on the video:

“We are very proud to present our brand-new video for In The Rivers Bleak! This video is filmed by John Bradburn and Andy Paton on a rainy English night and delivers in a perfect way the mood we tried to capture on this record. It’s completely filmed in black and white and it’s a view right inside the story of our new record.”

Suffocating In The Swarm of Cranes is a concept album about an individual’s struggles with living in modern, oft over-stimulated society.

Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes track listing:

1. [vulnus]
2. drowning by wing beats
3. in the rivers bleak
4. i fade away
5. beneath the crown of cranes
6. giving their heir to the masses
7. [asphyxia]

Check out the press release below for additional details on Germany’s Downfall of Gaia’s first-ever video and their latest album, Suffocating the Swarm of Cranes.

If you happen to be in one of these areas in October or November, check out Downfall of Gaia in concert:

Downfall of Gaia tour schedule:

19/10/12 – DE – Aachen – AZ
20/10/12 – DE – Darmstadt – Oetinger Villa
26/10/12 – DE – Hamburg – Rote Flora – Release Show
01/11/12 – RU – Moscow – t.b.a.
02/11/12 – RU – Nizhniy Novgorod – t.b.a.
01/11/12 – RU – St. Petersburg – t.b.a.

Downfall of Gaia is:

Dominik Goncalves dos Reis – vocals/guitars
Peter Wolff – vocals/guitars
Anton Lisovoj – vocals/bass
Johannes Stoltenburg – drums

Rock Hard \m/

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