TRC: The Story So Far (EP) – Another British Invasion

Yell! Magazine reviews TRC, The Story So Far The Revolution Continues (aka, TRC) are about to drop some bombs in the U.S. The London, UK-based band’s latest EP, The Story So Far, will invade our shores and colonize our interior this October 23. And you won’t even be safe from TRC’s WMDs with your “I hate hardcore” flak vest or your AK-I-shoot-Emos-47. Yeah, The Story So Far is that good.

TRC – “Heartless”

If you don’t like UK accents in your music, then you might want to avoid TRC. But, if you’re like me and usually avoid hardcore like it’s a hooker with herpes, you might want to put your prejudices in your back pocket for a moment. What makes this hardcore-plus-some band so exciting is their ability to seamlessly blend hardcore and metal with underground UK grime and hip-hop. It’s a unique mix and it’s captivating.

Each of the seven songs on TRC’s The Story So Far hit you like a swift kick to the balls. One of the few complaints I have is that TRC proved that they can change the pace on the last track, “London’s Greatest Love Story.” I wish they changed things up a bit more throughout the EP. The other complaint occurs on “Sweatbox”; the audio fades after the bass bomb at about the three-minute mark. This is something that should have been fixed in the studio (and perhaps it is corrected on the actual release).

TRC - The Story So Far

TRC recently signed to No Sleep Records (U.S./Canada), which is re-releasing the band’s 2009 EP with two new songs. TRC is also currently planning a U.S. tour, and you better make sure to catch a show since the band is notorious for putting on “dangerous live shows.”

While TRC sounds nothing like Motley Crue, there are definite similarities in some of the riffs. I find this most apparent on the “Bastard” and “Sweatbox.” The strongest tracks on The Story So Far are “Heartless” (make sure to check out its hilarious video), “Bastard,” “Sweatbox,” and “London’s Greatest Love Story.”

Verdict: [rating:3.5]

TRC is doing something original and it’s destined for greatness in North America. I have no doubt that you’ll become an instant fan once you hear The Story So Far. I don’t expect you to camp out until the EP comes out like you’re waiting in line for the latest smartphone generation to be released, but I would hope that you check out the EP – I know where you live.

TRC is:

Chris Robson – Vocals
Anthony Carroll – Vocals
Charlie Wilson – Guitar
Ben Taylor Dingwall – Guitar
Oliver Reece – Bass
Lasselle Lewis – Drums

Rock Hard \m/

TRC - The Story So Far

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Yell! Rating (x/5 Skulls):
The Revolution Continues (TRC)
The Story So Far
Year Released:
23 October 2012
Siege Of Amida Records (World)/No Sleep Records (USA/Canada)
Hardcore, Metalcore, Punk, UK Grime, Hip-Hop
Official URL:

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