Vengeance Has A New Face – Interview With The Cast & Director Of Jacob [VIDEO]

Jacob (2011) PosterPlease note that the film clips in our video interview are rough-cut, behind-the-scenes takes and are exclusive to Yell! Magazine.

While at the Montreal ComicCon 2012 we ran into the good folks who are associated with the spectacular horror film Jacob, namely Dylan Horne, Grace Powell, and Larry Wade Carrell. So what else does a website like Yell! Magazine do when armed with a camera? We interview the entrails out of our victims. So, one by one, actually, one by two (Grace and Dylan came as a package deal), we led our victims out of the convention and upstairs, where there were very few witnesses. Then we shot them, and threw some questions at them.

Jacob (2011), Dylan Horne

Well, they survived and gave us some great answers in the process. It took an exorbitant amount of effort on my part not to totally geek out while asking the questions, I loved the film that much. But, I survived too. All three of these characters, writer/director/actor Larry Wade Carrell, and stars Grace Powell and Dylan Horne provided us with some great insight into the process of filming, some behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and how they all came together – none of which has anything to do with Frankenstein (I am so stuck on the association, it’s making me sick).

Jacob (2011) Cast Interview

Enjoy the interview and be sure to check out our review of Jacob.

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