UFC 154: Georges St-Pierre Vs. Carlos Condit – Q&As [VIDEO]

All eyes were on Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit yesterday as many members of the media asked the two welterweights questions about their upcoming fight. The label as an underdog is a tricky one for Condit. Back in February at UFC 143, Condit walked into his fight with Nick Diaz as an overwhelming underdog and won a decision over Diaz which made him the UFC Interim Welterweight Champion. It would be skeptical to say anybody is not an underdog against GSP but Condit may be slightly overlooked in terms of his skill-set and ability to finish fights. In his past five fights which have all been wins, he has defeated three of those opponents by way of knockout.

“In my head, in every fight I feel like I’m the underdog” said a bullish Condit, when asked how is taking the role of the less-favorable fighter. “I feel like I’ve got nothing to lose”.

Condit trains out of the famed Jackson’s Submission Fighting camp in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is a former WEC Welterweight Champion. He has a brown belt in jiu-jistu and has lethal strikes, capable of putting anyone in the division into serious trouble. He has finished fights via flying knees, ground-and-pound and simply by punches. Even his opponent thinks he should not be taken very lightly.

“(Carlos) presents a lot of challenges. He’s very well-rounded, very smart and adapts himself very well to any style” said Georges St-Pierre, praising his adversary.

UFC 154: Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre has a long list of impressive names that have succumbed to him and it may be foolish to say that Condit is his biggest challenge to date. However looking at Condit’s resumé, his past five wins have been over names like Nick Diaz, Dong Hyun Kim, Dan Hardy, Jake Ellenberger and the rising Rory McDonald. If there is anyone who can present Georges with problems through a vast skill-set, it’s the Natural Born Killer.

“For me, I need to go out there, have fun and do what I need to do”, says Condit.

UFC 154 takes place on November 17th at Montreal’s Bell Centre.


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