5 Reasons You May Be A Closet Con-Goer

No.3You like dressing up in costumes… without shame

2012 Montreal ComicConWe’ve all been there. You watch Spider-Man 2 for the 19th time in 3 weeks, refuse to go outside, and construct an elaborate costume almost based on a whim. You stretch and snap the spandex over your body, and look in the mirror with pride. You glow with excitement and power. You feel like you can do anything! But what can you do? You can’t go outside like this, that’s a given. Instead, you plunk down in front of your computer and watch archived episodes of Mad Men, on Netflix.

What a waste of a perfectly bad-ass costume. So much potential, right down the drain.

But it’s nothing to cry about – believe you me. At ComicCon, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone not wearing a costume of some sort, whether they’re just wearing one of those raccoon-tail thingies you buy in Chinatown, or whether they’ve gone all out with a fully sculpted Space Marine get-up. Better yet, those are the guys who are getting their pictures taken, immortalized in the photobuckets of nerds the world over. Attention is heaped upon them by lovely ladies, and suddenly their costumes have found a home that’s most rewarding.

So, quit sitting around, eating Hot Pockets in your current cosplay of choice, get up, and hit up that local con, fool!

No.2You’re a furry

There’re furries at ComicCon.

No.1You’ve always been curious, but just won’t take that first step

2012 Montreal ComicConThat’s right, people – the final mark of a closet con-goer who’s secretly curious is erm, being curious. See, we’re a subculture that’s known for being apprehensive and procrastinative. How many times have you seen one of your geek friends paralyzed by analysis instead of talking to that pretty girl reading Tolstoy at the café? Or, how many times have you heard your friend put off a chance at natural sunlight for the sake of the familiar embrace of a good ol’ round of Team Fortress 2?

With that in mind, the best advice I can give you is to just do it. What’ve you got to lose? A week-end that would’ve been spent indoors? There are tons of entertainment at a ComicCon, and despite the seething crowds that mull around you, seemingly apathetic to your existence, there’s a strange background feeling that you’re always among kin. These sweaty, costumed people are just like you – individuals who are looking for a place to geek out entirely with little to no repercussions. You could wait till next year, or you could kick down the doors of your own hesitation this very day. With all that said, which will it be?

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