Blood, Boobs & Beast – Shining Release “Tillsammans Är Vi Allt” [VIDEO]

Swedish black metal band Shining have released a new video for the song “Tillsammans Är Vi Allt,” which is off of the band’s seventh album, Född förlorare. The video is explicit, so if your stomach is weak or you aren’t turned on by blood and boobs, you might want to skip it. As you’ll see, the video for “Tillsammans Är Vi Allt” features some sort of blood ritual for a newly wed couple as the consummate their vows.


Blood – check.

Boobs – check.


Well, there’s not really a beast in the video unless you count frontman Niklas Kvarforth and the controversy that often surrounds him and Shining. While this video may be shocking to the mainstream, us metallers are somewhat accustomed to this kind of theatrical performance. But the controversy that surrounds Shining is the suicide and self-harm promotion that often forms the basis for the lyrical content. If that’s not beastly enough for you, consider the fact that Shining has been known to hand out razor blades at their shows. (And all I wanted was a guitar pick.)

Shining has a forthcoming album, Redefining Darkness, which is due on October 29, 2012.

Let us know what you think of the video… since it is so different than the norm.

Rock Hard \m/

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