In This Moment – Blood (2012) Review

I’ve always been a sucker for tribal beats in rock and metal, so when I first heard the opening track, “Rise with Me,” on Blood, I was immediately interested in knowing where this album was going. Then the album gave way to the title track, and the juxtaposition of the tribal elements in the first track and the electronic/dubstep elements in the second made “Blood” instantly likeable and powerful. The tribal element, which usually is good for one song on an album, returns near the end of Blood; “Comanche” obviously needs a tribal beat and, at least to me, echoes some of the themes expressed in Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills.”

In This Moment Blood

“Adrenalize” continues the electronic influence, but it’s thumping and driving, which suits the lyrics that confuse the the amorous effects of music, lust, sex, and adrenaline.

While “You’re Gonna Listen” is one of a couple songs that no doubt has audiences chanting with the band during live performances, I can’t help but hear a Lords of Acid influence in the track’s intro. This is by far the angriest track on Blood and probably the closest thing on the album to “Gun Show.”

“Burn” might be the best track on Blood. It’s a perfectly composed piece of music that uses somber piano parts and dives headfirst into brutal guitars and crashing drums, which then retreats back to timid piano interludes, and back to chaos again. Brink’s vocals are captivating and intense; you can feel this song coming from her soul. Somehow she’s managed to go from growl to clean vocals in the same line of lyrics, while holding the same note. Maybe it’s a studio trick, but I’m sure she’s pulling it off in live performances too.

“Scarlet” is a touching track that feels as though it’s a follow-up to “The Promise,” but without the duet. On its own, it’s about two people who covet each other, indulge in a night of adulterous carnal passion, and bury the deed from themselves and others. They “risk everything” and paint themselves “Scarlet,” but without the letter.

Verdict: [rating:4]

There’s a lot for fans and non-fans to discover and love on In This Moment’s Blood. It’s a great album, but like anything it has its faults. While the band deserves high marks for risk and expanding its sound, there are a few elements that are questionable, such as the Blink 182-ish intro on “From the Ashes”; the Madonna-like chorus on “Beast Within”; the Powerman 5,000 elements on “Comanche”; and the invocation of Robert Plant on “11:11,” which is a beautiful, nearly a capella piece. Other influences on Blood range from Depeche Mode to the Deftones — but, you know what? Who gives a fuck? Blood is a great fucking album!

Rock Hard \m/

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