Heavy Metal Makes Women Want You

Heavy Metal Women

Heavy Metal Women

The academic journal Communication Research is reporting what we at Yell! Magazine have known all of our lives: Women dig guys who listen to heavy metal. It’s not the black magic, Satanic worship, or pagan philosophies we practice, nor is it the Lucky Charms we eat. It simply comes down to the genre of music we love.

That’s right all you losers who gave up on your metal because you “outgrew” it. I’ve seen and heard this from many people, and I’ve never understood why someone would ever deny themselves of a pleasure, such as the type of music they enjoy most, just because it seems like a passion for the youth, something not fit for adults. Yes, I agree that as you get older your tastes will broaden, but self-imposed denial is just foolish. And now, all those fools who chose to stop listening to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Pantera, etc., because it seemed like music for misspent youth, may jump back on the metal horse.

Pantera, No Sleeve Jacket

One woman, in a street interview (no, not the hooker I like so much) conducted by Yahoo! Music, stated that, “If a man likes heavy metal, then they’re typically a bit more aggressive and a bit more outspoken.” Hell, yeah. The same Communication Research study also found that men found women who listen to classical music more attractive. Boo, we like our women sporting tattoos, leather and studs, combat boots or Chucks, and tight jeans.

Check out the Yahoo! Music video to learn more about how heavy metal makes women want you and let us know how you feel. Have you abandoned a musical genre that you love? Do you think women really do find men who listen to heavy metal more attractive?

Rock Hard \m/

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