The Apparition (2012) Bears A Resounding Resemlance To…

The long-awaited film starring the truly desirable Ashley Greene, The Apparition, opens tomorrow, August 24, 2012. But is it based on actual events?

It seems that it might be. According to writer/director Todd Lincoln, he was “digging around late at night on some paranormal sites and came across this story about the Philip Experiment… A group of parapsychologists in the ‘70s set out to create a ghost simply by believing in it enough.” Lincoln went on to state that the parapsychologists did, in fact, begin to experience strange events once the created Philip, his portrait, and meeting to talk about him once a week. The experiment has been repeated several times by other experts since the ‘70s.

So, apparently, we create our own fears. Shit, I’ve always believed in ghosts and have a few of my own stories that I like to tell. I just don’t have Ashley Greene starring in them.

the appartion

Yes, I’m going to go here and toot my own horn. When I first saw the first trailer for The Apparition I said it looked like an amalgamation of Poltergeist and Flatliners. Now, from the horse’s mouth:

“The film is very much part Poltergeist, part Flatliners, and part The Strangers… It was inspired and influenced by all decades and styles of horror films along with those real studies and events. We even brought in this paranormal expert as a consultant on the film. It was really important to me that it be as authentic and accurate as possible.”

If you get out this weekend and check out The Apparition, please come back and let us know what your thoughts are.

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