Allegaeon Releases “A Path Disclosed” Teaser

Colorado-based death metal outfit Allegaeon have just released a teaser video for the track “A Path Disclosed,” off of their latest album Formshifter. The teaser video mostly shows the band performing live on stage in midday and having some fun about the town.

Allegaeon FormshifterThe main thing here is to note that Allegaeon is quickly gaining a following for their brand of technical melodic death metal. Is that allowed? To be in three subgenres? It is if you can do it, which Allegaeon can. And “A Path Disclosed” is a song that captures the band’s colorful range. It opens with a beautiful guitar intro that’s way too short. A few seconds in and opening riff is carried in on dueling guitars, and accompanied by the band at breakneck speed. Naturally, as a technical melodic death metal band, the song and the rest of the album is rife with arpeggios. It’s a full-on assault, with the exception being the classical guitar interlude on “Iconic Images,” provided by classically trained Greg Burgess.

That’s where Allegaeon falls short; the songs are a bit repetitive and it’s tough to distinguish one from the next – at least during the course of a quick first listen.

Check out the video, the press release (below), and a few select songs. We’ll keep you posted on the band’s further developments.

Rock Hard \m/

Agoura Hills, CA – August 15, 2012
– Colorado metal act, Allegaeon, performed at Bohemian Nights at the New West Fest in Fort Collins, Colorado, on August 11th. They stand as the first metal band to ever be asked to perform at the annual festival. Allegaeon made the most of their day at the fest and filmed a video for the song “A Path Disclosed” from their most recent album, Formshifter. A teaser for the video, which also includes behind the scenes footage, can be seen on the band’s YouTube channel.

Guitarist Ryan Glisan comments, “We are beyond honored to be the first metal band that has ever been asked to play New West Fest and hope that it opens the doors to have more in the future. The show was a blast and the crowd was amazing; it was a treat. Also, we shot some footage for an upcoming live-style music video.”

Allegaeon’s second full-length album, Formshifter, has significantly out-performed its predecessor and debuted at #29 on the Billboard New Artist Chart and #99 on the Top Hard Music Albums! This is a huge achievement for the band as they continue to carve out their rightful place within the metal community.

Formshifter has been incredibly well received by the worldwide press. The UK’s Kerrang Magazine raves in a 4/5 review: “It’s not just the magnificently blended barrage of monstrous riffs and insidious hooks. Nor is it solely due to the fact it sounds like the quartet are trying to bring the sky crashing down on your head. And it’s not just the wealth of complex leads that will make many guitarists petulantly sulk in the corner after a single exposure. It’s all of those elements – combined with great songwriting that makes the record truly special.”

“Formshifter” Billboard chart positions:
#29 Billboard New Artist Chart
#88 Billboard Top Independent Albums
#99 Billboard Top Hard Music Albums

Allegaeon Members:
Ryan Glisan – Guitars
Greg Burgess – Guitars
Ezra Haynes – Vocals
Corey Archuleta – Bass


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