Heavy MTL 2012 Day 2: A Circus From Hell

Hometown Heroes (Heroine?)

With a new album to promote (Prisoners), The Agonist played on the third stage to a hometown crowd that could have shown a bit more enthusiasm when the set was finished. This band is on such a roll right now that if you don’t look both ways before crossing, you’re gonna get steamrolled.

The Agonist draws attention from a couple different schools: First, you have the fans who know that this band makes kick ass music and that Alissa is the shit. Second, you have people coming to check out a hot chick perform metal. I suppose there’s a third group, arriving to the show with the expectation of being disappointed by yet another female fronted band trying to capitalize off her good looks (sorry to disappoint).

Drunk Satanist of the Day

marilyn manson
Nothing Marilyn Manson does isn’t calculated. Yes, the frontman sounded hammered with his slurred speech between songs, but he didn’t do anything but deliver a top-notch performance. Naturally, when you’re a band of this caliber, known for many hits and for putting on a theatrical show, playing an open-air music fest, you have to play songs from various eras in your history. This fact makes it difficult to put together a cohesive show. But MM managed to do pretty well.

As horror fans, we got goosebumps just hearing “Suspiria” as the show opener before the band broke into “Hey, Cruel World.” As stated, Marilyn Manson played a bit of everything and closed with “The Beautiful People.” It wasn’t the best Manson performance I ever saw, but it was certainly better than Five Finger Death Punch.

Best Performance Of The Night

The day’s headliner was Slipknot. The last time I saw them was back in ‘99, when they played the small stage at Ozzfest. Yes, they’ve come a long way, but the essence of their show hasn’t changed, it’s just bigger. Slipknot doesn’t write songs (one writer/critic has stated that Slipknot “fears writing a memorable song”), but I say that this band writes epic compositions. And Corey Taylor has one of the best, most versatile voices in metal today. At times (e.g., rarely) it’s soft, warm, and soothing, but mostly it’s brutally terrifying.

Naturally, Slipknot blasted through their most popular tracks, which includes many memorable songs, throughout their horror circus. Surprisingly, one of the most powerful moments didn’t come during a particularly brutal songs: When they slowed things down to play “Snuff,” the audience reaction was something to behold. It turned into a virtual love fest lovefest between the disenfranchised, outcast youth.

Rock Hard \m/

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