Throwback Clip Of The Day: Dwarf Midgets Killer Muay Thai Kickboxing, WTF?!!! [VIDEO]

Dwarf Midgets Killer Muay Thai Kick Boxing video

Dwarf Midgets Killer Muay Thai Kick Boxing videoIf you’re watching this for the first time right now, and saying to yourself, WTF?! Well, guess what? I was in the same boat as you. I tried pulling up some insight on this bizarre event that takes place in Thailand, and nothing official comes up.

Either because it’s made as a cheap thrill ride for tourist coming into the country, and wanting to experience something outside of the box or because it’s just a secret, underground event organized by weirdos and wackos just for the sake of making a little money on the side.

I honestly can’t deny that it’s somewhat entertaining to watch, but I only hope the midgets enjoy it, and making some dough. The smallest guy in the blue trunks surprisingly dominates the fights.

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