Taylor Momsen Semi-Topless During Buenos Aires Concert [PICS+VIDEO]

Oh man! The sex that went down this past Sunday (July 29th) with Taylor Momsen in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the live performance of The Pretty Reckless was like watching the KISS uncensored version of “take it off” all over again, but a tad more erotic since Momsen gets right down, and dirty.

During the song “Goin’ Down”, which is the third track on the self-titled debut EP, a pair of busty female fans got called up on stage to join the show that night with Momsen, and all the fun between the hot trio was captured on video right below. One lucky photographer managed to capture the money shot when Momsen pushed herself a little further by lifting her shirt to bare a nice set of grip-taped nipples to the crowd. Although the memorable moment only happens for a few seconds, these pictures will definitely last a lifetime.

Check ’em all out and share them!

The Setlist That Night:

1. Hit Me Like a Man
2. Since You’re Gone
3. Zombie
4. Miss Nothing
5. Just Tonight
6. Goin’ Down
7. Seven Nation Army (as performed by The White Stripes)
8. Aerials (as performed by System Of a Down)
9. Factory Girl
10. My Medicine
11. Make Me Wanna Die
12. Cold Blooded
13. Nothing Left To Lose

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