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Following the recent news of Randy Blythe’s (Lamb of God) $400,000 bail being challenged, resulting in his sitting in jail even longer, it was announced that Lamb of God would not be performing at Canada’s Heavy MTL and Heavy TO festivals. Also, the tour with Dethklok has been canceled.

So, if you’re an In Flames fan, and you happen to live in North America (preferably near Montreal or Toronto, Canada), you’re in luck: In Flames will play in Lamb of God’s absence at the two Heavy shows. These will be the only North American performances from the Gothenburg metallers.

In Flames

In the meantime, prosecutors will submit to the judge presiding over Randy’s case the reasons for the bail challenge. The judge will then have five days to rule, and then there will be an additional five days for the papers to be published.

When will it stop?

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