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Skull of Doom Shot Glass

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More often than not, novelty shit is pretty cool. Even if it can be cheaper than my favorite hooker.

The Skull of Doom Shot Glass, from Fred and Friends (, is currently priced to move. At just $6.95 each on Amazon, it’s a steal. Imagine if Ed Gein had access to such shot glasses? He would have never had to go digging for soup bowls!

Made of hand-blown crystal clear pyrex, the skull hangs down, or dips down, from the lip of the shot glass, giving it a creeptastic air of levitation when filled with your favorite poison. The skull itself doesn’t touch the outer edge of the shot glass, which is actually hollow at the bottom and the glass is thinner than on typical shot glasses. So, be careful, you lush.

skull of doom shot glass

The Skull of Doom Shot Glass is inspired by the Mayan Skull of Doom artifact that apparently has the power of life or death, and the power to heal or smite. Some say that this shot glass can’t do that, but I beg to differ. OK, maybe not the Skull of Doom Shot Glass itself, but the contents you put in it have the power to heal your pain and smite your woes.

The Skull of Doom Shot Glass stands 2.75” tall and holds 2 ounces. Available for $6.95 at

Bottoms up and…

Rock Hard \m/

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