Suicide Monday: No Bad Boobs Allowed

Waikiki Suicide

Waikiki Suicide

Age: 32
Location: Italy
Hometown: Italy, Holland, London, Berlin
Waikiki Suicide

Occupation: Photographer, Artist, Dance Performer, Activist squatter
Current Crush: Biting my toe nails while I’m taking a pee….
Stats: Perfection, sensual but violent… im loud!!!
Body Mods: Shaved pussy, dreadlockxxx, funny black birth-mark on my ass, right side
Gets me hot: Black skin, sushi & cocktails, good punk’n’roll or heavy metal, a good concert, tatooed hands and neck!
Favorite position: Pineapple position, me on top!!!
Fantasy: To eat myself up
My pigeonholes: Punk, Metalhead, Rockabilly, Raver, Fuck you, I defy categories
I spend most of my free time: At concerts totally fuckin loaded, around my friends with a corona in my hand
Waikiki Suicide
Bands: Old-school punk ‘n’ roll and heavy metal, from Dead Kennedys to Black Flag, through to The Cramps and Bat Mobile, till Pantera and Iron Maiden
Films: Requiem for a Dream, A Clockwork Orange, David Lynch movies, Tarantino movies, and tons more
Books: American Psycho, The Purfume, The Dice Man, and lots more

Rock Hard \m/

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