Halloween III Masks Are Coming – Do You Have The Balls To Wear Them?

Halloween III Masks

Halloween III Masks – Credit: KreationX.com

Whether you hated Halloween III (1982) or loved its detour from the Michael Myers mythology, it’s being remade. However, production has been held up since March 2012 and the plot is yet unclear, although there’s plenty of speculation that it won’t follow the original’s mask scare. What is known, at least according to IMDB, is that hit-or-miss Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry, Scream, Dracula 2000) is the director/editor of this project and Todd Farmer (Drive Angry, My Bloody Valentine, Jason X) is the scribe.

And while it’s all up in the air, KreationX is going to release a line of the iconic masks. You can preorder the latex masks now, before the Halloween III masks become available in August. The masks come in a set of three (including the witch, skull, and pumpkin – all with the Silver Shamrock tag), which will run you $179.99, plus shipping and handling (Order at kreationx.com).

halloween III Shamrock

You know, I kind of hope that something goes wrong with these Halloween III masks. Something like the majority of people who don them will have some sort of extreme reaction to the latex and possibly turn into zombies. Yeah, that would be totally cool. Two costumes for the price of one.

Rock Hard \m/

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