ED-209 Revealed In New RoboCop Viral Campaign [VIDEO]

OmniCorp, the fictional company behind all the robotic engineering in RoboCop just revealed their line of badass defensive products in the first-ever viral campaign for the RoboCop reboot.

ED-209, Robocop (2013)

In the video above, we get a first look at the XT-908 unmanned aerial assault vehicle, the redesigned ED-209 that is heavily inspired by the ED in Paul Verhoven’s 1987 classic, and a brief look from what is to be RoboCop (RC-2000).

The new ED-209 looks pretty sweet in my opinion, but I’m just a little dissappointed that they excluded the “fiberglass” head, and heat vents that gave the original that menacing Xenomorph look. Instead, now replaced with a handy mini-gun.

As they say in Total Recall, three is better than two hands.

ED-209, RoboCop 1987

The Robocop reboot is currently entering production, and will be directed by Jose Padilha (Bus 174, Elite Squad). Robocop is also scheduled to be released on August 9, 2013, but subject to change due to delays in production.


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