The Walken Dead T-Shirt – It’s About Time

walken dead tshirt


It was only a matter of time before someone took the iconic Christopher Walken’s name and made a wordplay with The Walking Dead.

TShirtBordello has it for $14.99, which seems like an incredible bargain to us. It’s 100% cotton, but their description of their product is worth reproducing here:

The Walken Dead shirt made of 100% cotton. Is it a virus? We don’t know where they come from but they can quote Walken and that’s what matters. Sure they may be dead, but they’re awesome. Order this awesome shirt before it’s too late…
…And you’re a Cantaloupe

walken dead tshirt

While we all wait for Season 3 of The Walking Dead, at least we can sport our not-so-subtle enthusiasm for the show, zombies, and Walken.

When, and if, I ever see someone wearing this shirt on the street I’m seriously going to have a Geek-gasm. And if I see a hipster trying to be ironic with this shirt on, I’ll have my Geek-gasm all over his face. Get that out of your beard!

Rock Hard \m/

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