Kataklysm’s Maurizio Iacono Sounds Off To The Scum Of The Earth – Music Piraters


Credit: Kataklysm

CHICAGO, IL – Maurizio Iacono, frontman of the veteran death metal band, Kataklysm, has issued a statement on his official Facebook page commenting on the recent layoffs at Roadrunner Records and the state of the music industry in general. Numerous press outlets have picked up the strong and impassioned message in the wake of this massive hit to the heavy metal community.

“This is just the beginning,” wrote Iacono. “Not buying albums is affecting the labels who in return invest in the bands, tour support, recording… it’s destroying all newcomer bands and [it’s] making middle class musicians poor. You’re not hurting the labels by illegal downloading, you’re killing the bands.”

He continued:

“Starting a band these days is a suicide mission. If music becomes a hobby for musicians, then no more tours, no more good music. Dark times ahead. Well, wait, we have holograms now, don’t need REAL people on stage… my bad…

Again, it’s not about me. I’ve had a great 20 years; if it ends tomorrow I can keep my head [held] up high for what I’ve done, but what about the new comers and the future of music? NOT good. It’s not you the fans’ fault, don’t get me wrong. It’s the system that let it happen. Governments, etc. could have stopped it. They didn’t. Now it’s up to us, the fans, to help out.

Buy a shirt, CD, vinyls, download on iTunes, Amazon, the songs you like… DO SOMETHING! I love you all, and always remember, you guys have all the power to build or destroy, we are only messengers of your voice.”

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