3 Must-Have Drinking Flasks For Your Festival Needs This Summer


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As you are well aware, summer is quickly approaching. Hell, it already may be summer where you are. If summer means one thing for us here at Yell! Magazine, it’s music festivals. And we’re not talking about your wannabe hippie-fests like Osheaga or your panty-fests like Lilith. When we talk about fests, we talk about Mayhem and Heavy MTL and Sonisphere and Hellfest. Stuff that matters and stuff that requires certain passive-aggressive tendencies.

Fine, us metalheads are probably a bit more peaceable than our image portrays, but we still know how to throw down in a pit… and we still know how to throw down a shot.

And now we get to the point: You’re gonna need something to carry those shots around in. Shots that aren’t going to cost you five minutes with your girlfriend behind the bar. So, we’re presenting you with three drinking flasks to choose from. Don’t go thinking we’re condoning sneaking booze into a venue, but some 16-eye Doc Martens should help you out.

Each drinking flask is stainless steel, waterproof, holds 8 ounces, and costs $28.95 at www.inkedshop.com.

Cowgirl, 8-Ounce Drinking Flask


Whether you’re a man or a woman, this retro flask sure looks good and you’ll look good for sharing your poison. Bottoms up!

Dragon Fly, 8-Ounce Drinking Flask


The graphic on this flask would make a sweet-ass tattoo. You know, there just aren’t enough dragon fly tats out there. As long as you’re not transporting swamp water in this flask, you’ll be fine.

Cacti, 8-Ounce Drinking Flask


There are only two poisons to carry in this flask: tequila or mescal. Not that either are made from cacti, but we’re sure you get the image we’re trying to convey.

Rock Hard!

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