Suicide Monday: Blood & Monsters

Friskey Suicide

Age: 32
Location: Ontario, Canada

Friskey Suicide-1
Occupation: Makeup Artist, Ukulele sing-songer
Gets me hot: Wearing high heels and stockings, waking up to sultry kisses
MY KINK FACTOR: Electrocution, clown suits, furries, oh my!
Into: See the creative expressions of Friskey at
Hobbies: Zombie making, printmaking, picture taking and yoga
vices: Living life luxuriously on credit, chocolate, a messy room and Dirty Old Men.
Friskey Suicide
Films: Freeway, The Big Labowski, Brazil, Tideland, films by Tim Burton, Amelie, City of Lost Children, House of 1000 Corpses, Sessions 9, Rocky Horror, Horror, Horror, Horror
Artists: Robyn Von Swank, Colin the crazy metal artist, Kim with his beautiful bags

Rock Hard!

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