Uwe Boll Slated To Replace Evil Dead Remake Director – Nerd Outrage Ahoy!

Just days after Michael Bay announced that he’s dropping the Teenage Mutant from his Ninja Turtles reboot, another Hollywood remake shocker is making headlines. Director Fede Alvarez has dropped out of the Evil Dead remake and Uwe Boll is slated to take his place. Allegedly this has been known for some time, but kept under wraps for fear that longtime Evil Deadheads would be upset by the news. However, studio execs defended their choice, saying:

“Uwe Boll can bring a fresh eye to the project and we feel it’s high time that Hollywood lets him redeem himself. He’s adding even more of a slapstick element to the movie and it really works well with Diablo Cody‘s script alterations.”

The remake has recently faced casting troubles when lead actress Lily Collins was replaced in favor of Jane Levy. Wonder if it has something to do with Boll’s directional style?

Evil Dead Remake

Original series creator/director Sam Raimi and former series star Bruce Campbell could not be reached for comment, but the Internet outcry has already been so great that early footage is being promised to ensure that Boll is bringing justice to the remake.

We here at Yell! Magazine know which side of the fence we stand on, but we’ll let the fans weigh in on this one. Please leave your comments below; we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

Uwe Boll

Uwe Boll

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