Surviving HorrorHound Weekend 2012

Of the three, however, Danielle Harris made the strongest impression, having the most stories from the frontlines of franchises (given her experience on Rob Zombie’s films and Halloween 4 and 5). These included some humorous accounts of Donald Pleasance’s boozing between takes (“In that scene in part 5 where I’m laying down in the bed… and Donald’s yelling at me “Jaime! Talk to me Jaime!” – my eyes were burning from the bourbon smell.”) and her contribution to Annie’s story arc in Halloween 2. The fans were cut down the middle as hardcore Halloween nuts and Rob Zombie fans, which meant a wide variety of fan questions. Unfortunately, too many of them were ass-kissing or barely questions at all, as many fans took it upon themselves to worship the trio from afar with long, boring personal accounts of their experiences with the films. Me, I just asked Danielle Harris about Last Boy Scout.
HorrorHound Weekend 2012

We walked out of the panel with mixed feelings. Jayme especially took the panel to task for its lack of pointed questions, especially from the guy conducting the panel, but also for the somewhat flippant attitude the actors had toward their work in the films. It was a fun panel, sure, but it was also a little condescending and a bit too congratulatory from fans. I have to be honest, it started things off on a rocky start.

Next, there was a Day of the Dead panel, which we missed in favor of resting, but returned an hour later for the From Beyond panel with Stuart Gordon, Carolyn-Purdy Gordon, and Barbara Crampton.
HorrorHound Weekend 2012

I’m glad we did. This was what a panel should be. Not only did the forum allow Mr. Gordon to come out of his shell a bit and engage in a lively discourse on everything from H.P. Lovecraft to directors that influenced him and the future direction of the genre in general. Barbara Crampton was her usual charming self and offered a surprisingly pointed opinion on the films as well as her excitement for future projects (among them You’re Next directed by Adam Wingard and Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem). The liveliest of the three, however, was Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, who showed off a sharp wit when it came to discussing the life and career she shares with her husband. At one hilarious point she took the opportunity to take the piss out of Lovecraft’s writing style, particularly his inability to end his stories or describe the monsters that patronize them. It was, for me, the most honest and funny portion of the panel, revealing Purdy-Gordon for the firecracker she is.

Overall, the panel proved to be far more intellectually and creatively fruitful than the Halloween panel. The chemistry between Gordon, Crampton, and Purdy-Gordon was infectious, and all spoke intelligently and with great enthusiasm about From Beyond and their respective bodies of work. Unfortunately, when the panel wrapped, Jayme and I were forced to call it a night, sitting out the triple feature screenings of Nailbiter, Becoming Red, and Monster Brawl in favor of rest and recuperation for the events of Saturday. Believe me, we would need it.

Finally, we get to day two of HorrorHound Weekend…

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