Surviving HorrorHound Weekend 2012

Listen, I get it – this is the convention whose co-headlining guest is Cassandra Freakin’ Peterson. But really, do we need an award show for public access and YouTube knockoffs of Elvira, Vampira, and Zacherly? Haven’t we moved past celebrating this sort of uninspired schtick? I come to cons to procure region 2 Blu-rays and rub elbows with some of the people who contributed to my favorite films. I do not come to have Dr. Cthulhu and the Public Domain Gang give me the stink-eye as I pass their table without inquiring about the show being produced in their mom’s basement. For Chrissakes, get a Joe Bob Briggs in there or something, someone I can actually talk to about movies without staring at the foam appendages attached to his head.
HorrorHound Weekend 2012

I’m probably being a bit of an asshole with this rant, but 75% of the stink-eye I received during the weekend came from frustrated “horror hosts” whose businesses weren’t exactly booming. The other 25% came from Troma booth, and that’s only because those people are Lloyd Kaufman’s personal slaves.

Finally, Jayme and I decided we had walked around enough. It was time to experience some of Horrorhound’s unique events by checking out the panel for Rob Zombie’s Halloween.

Rob’s films are notoriously controversial among horror fans. I regard them as interesting curiosities within the man’s filmography – while not entirely successful and sometimes misguided, they’re stylish and earnest and leaps and bounds better than commercial cash-ins like H2O and Resurrection.
HorrorHound Weekend 2012

The panel featured Danielle Harris, Scout Taylor-Compton, and Tyler Mane. It was conducted by a security staffer who seemed a little out of his depth, who didn’t bring a lot of confidence to the conversation. Still, the participants were game (Danielle especially, who seemed to have a couple of wine coolers in her as she ascended the stage) and the fans were enthusiastic, if a little too star struck. Tyler Mane had some funny thoughts of what goes on behind the mask of Michael Myers, while Scout talked a lot about how playing Laurie Strode took its toll on her mentally and physically.
HorrorHound Weekend 2012

Danielle Harris is pretty hot!

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