Surviving HorrorHound Weekend 2012

Thankfully, it didn’t. Barbara Crampton was great, incredibly nice, and very eager to talk to her fans (um, Jayme and myself). After chit-chat with Bradley and Gordon about their movies failed to make an impression, I decided to pull out the big guns and ask Barbara about Twitter. Riveting, I know, and somehow the whole conversation wound up being about how underrated Todd Farmer is (we’re both fans).

HorrorHound Weekend 2012

I couldn’t set up an interview for the weekend, and the lack-of-business-card oversight once again kicked my journalistic attempts in the ass, but Jayme managed to save me by jotting down my contact information and handing it over to Babs (can I call her that?). I would have done it myself, but I was too busy geeking out in the process of it all. Nevertheless, she seemed receptive to the possibility of working with Yell! on some sort of piece. Tune into the site to see if anything ever comes of it.

Jayme and I reconvened outside and talked over our experiences. She had met some of the Day of the Dead cast members in the tent, and they were cool. I ran into the Deadpit guys at a bar outside the suites. As mentioned before, I’ve been following the show for several years now, wherein southern boys Uncle Bill and The Creepy Kentuckian dole out high-quality interviews, reviews, and news with a certain raw, Southern humor that is a refreshing alternative to most horror media.
HorrorHound Weekend 2012

While Horrorhound was my first convention, it was Deadpit’s 18th. They are long-time supporters of the Horrorhound brand in general and typically have their own booth, from which they sell T-shirts, DVDs and various other Deadpit merchandise while meeting and greeting the fans. This weekend, however, they came as guests only. I did not get the Deadpit T-shirt I was hoping for, but it was cool to meet the men as civilian convention goers. My attempts to impress them by convincing Jayme to get a Deadpit logo emblazoned on her hip at Horrorhound’s tattoo room did not go over well with either party (though I think CK was enthusiastic about the concept).

We departed the Deadpit guys and headed past a booth specializing exclusively in sealed VHS tapes and into the Horrohound’s most tucked away surprises – the convention suites. Down this hallway was a winding line for Blaxploitation Queen Pam Grier, who would draw in quite a crowd throughout the weekend. While I was up in the air about getting her to autograph my Women In Cages Blu-ray sleeve, I eventually decided against it.
HorrorHound Weekend 2012

This would be one of my greatest regrets coming away from the convention, as Ms. Grier seemed to be an absolute sweetheart who was really thankful to meet her fans. Seriously, there was no one at Horrorhound who seemed to want to be there more (sans maybe Norman Reedus, and that’s only because he pulled in enough $20 bills to fill a swimming pool). Peaking in through the suite doors I saw a woman who was very sweet, candid, and grabby (but, y’know, in a good way). To be honest, she sort of reminded me of my mom, if my mom was Pam Grier. That doesn’t make any sense, does it?

I opted instead to dedicate the rest of my petty cash to procuring as many obscure horror films as possible. Jayme and I stepped away from the Pam Grier sweetness toward the vendor and… horror host suites? Say what? Yes, I forgot to mention. Among the many festivities going on during the weekend was the 2012 Horror Host Hall of Fame. Yes, a Hall of Fame for Horror Hosts.

Get a piece of Ike’s mind on these horror hosts…

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