Sector 7 (2011) Review – Or: Tentacle Monster? Must Be Asian Cinema!

Yell! Magazine’s review:

For the past decade and a half, true horror has been synonymous with Asian movies. It would be hard to argue against the notion that the time of the American horror movie has come and gone. Neutered products like Shark Night, with its disturbing lack of anything resembling scares or gore or more rampant nudity than an old-folks home on strip Bingo night, serve only to highlight how far down the drain the North American genre has been flushed. Made-in-America horror movies cater to the latest trends, such as “found footage” movies (Apollo 18, The Devil Inside), are pale remakes of the classics (Fright Night, The Thing), or are toothless shills for the ongoing 3-D craze (Final Destination 5, Shark Night 3D)

In the mid-’90s, Japan was the undeniable ruler of international horror. In those pre-Bittorrent days, obtaining a grainy VHS tape of The Ring or an at-the-time ridiculously expensive VCD of Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s latest mind-fuck (Cure, Pulse) was a badge of honor for true horror aficionados. Those battered VHS tapes would end up being endlessly copied (especially The Ring, because, you know, curse and all) and passed around, creating an almost forbidden aura of cool around Asian horror movies and making us all wonder what creepy, crawling horror would next emerge out of our televisions.

Sector 7 Picture
GAH! Shoot it! Shoot it!

Of course, Japan soon became a victim of the same illness that had infected the American horror genre. Too many knock-offs, too many amateurs bringing their “me too!” attitudes to the game and too many damn, long-haired, white-dress wearing ghost girls emerging out of wells, televisions, sofa cushions, and toilet bowls! These days, however, Korea is where you can find the good stuff. I Saw The Devil earned some of the year’s highest accolades and I highly suggest you check out classics such as Hansel&Gretel, a twisted take on the fairy tale, The Host, a monster movie that is equal parts horror and action, or get your hands on R-Point, which is Platoon if Charlie Sheen had to deal with constant harassment by undead spirits.

Sector 7 Picture
Oh, wait…

Therefore, for the next short while, or until I get distracted by something shiny or boobs, your faithful reviewer will be paying special attention to horror from across the pond. Starting with Yell! Magazine’s review of Sector 7, a big-budget creature feature, shot in 3-D, from South Korea. Turn the lights way down and prepare to get to seventh base with your significant other when she seeks comfort in the warmth of your manly embrace! On an entirely unrelated note, I may or may not completely understand baseball… or anything resembling physical activity. The last heavy thing I tried to lift was a particularly beefy Cheetoh.

Sector 7 Picture
In my defense, that thing could choke a Wookie.

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Year Released:
4 August 2011
Ji-hun Kim
Ji-won Ha, Sung-kee Ahn, Ae-ryeon Cha, Han-wi Lee, Cheol-min Park, Sae-Byeok Song, Jeong-hak Park, and Ji-ho Oh
Horror, Adventure, Action
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Sector 7 Official

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