Suicide Monday: These Exotic Hotties Are Exhausting

Ginebra Suicide

Age: 23
Location: Argentina


Makes me happy: Jack Daniels, surprises, my family
Makes me sad: When there’s no more Jack Daniels
Vices: JD!
Thoughts on SG: I like it


Bands: Kap Bambino, Alaska y los Pegamoides, Talking Heads, Joy Division, Cristal Castles, Empire of the Sun, The Smiths, Daft Punk, Vitalic, and more
Films: Requiem for a Dream, The Man Who Wasn’t There, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Big fish, Dog Day Afternoon, Trainspotting
Books: Eramos unos niños (Patti Smith)
TV shows: Two and a Half Men

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