Late Night Fiction Teases A Bear [VIDEO]

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Set for an Easter 2012 release with Grey Man Records, Late Night Fiction are teasing their upcoming EP, Medium, with the first single “Exits, Pursued by a Bear.” While the track won’t officially be available until January 30th, you can watch the official video here, on Yell! Magazine.

Hailing from Hull, Yorkshire, UK, Late Night Fiction have fused a sound that’s excruciatingly painful to listen to — because it’s so damn good. As you’ll hear on “Exits, Pursued by a Bear” there’s a definite blend of emo and indie that’s compelling. But what I really hear is a heavy Fugazi influence, with some vocal elements that remind me of the Ramones and a punk element that hints at The Gaslight Anthem.

late night fiction

While Phill Morris performs mostly in the melodic realm, he does let loose the occasional hardcore scream that’s well timed and purposeful. The guitars wrap you in a cocoon while the tom tom fills are rich and satisfying.

Rock Hard!

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