Suicide Monday: This Is The Way To Open Xmas Gifts

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Because Mondays suck – Here’s your suicide solution.

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Welcome to Suicide Monday on Yell! Magazine. Each week we’re going to bring you a favorite girl or two who were featured on during the previous week.

What constitutes a “favorite” girl? Well, she has to meet a few of our standards: She should be fairly heavily tattooed and/or pierced, into one or more of our topics of interest (heavy metal/hardcore rap, horror/sci-fi/action movies, MMA, and/or specific types of video games), and seemingly interesting as a person (as best as we can judge from the brief bio SuicidGirls sends us), and sexy.

Why SuicideGirls? They say it best: “SuicideGirls is a community that celebrates Alternative Beauty and alternative culture from all over the world.” Hey, we’re into that subculture thing too.

The Girls

Revenge Suicide-1Revenge Suicide shows us how they open gifts on Christmas morning in France, and that’s a naked tradition we’d like to adopt as our own. Wow. Of course as the French woman she is, two of her vices are stereotypically French: cigarettes and chocolate. We included the 22-year-old photographer not only because she’s a cute mix between Katie Holmes and Audrey Tautou, but also because her name is also one of our favorite KISS albums.

Aisline Suicide-1Normally, anyone characterizing themselves as emo and an electronica snob is automatically disqualified from being included in Suicide Monday, but Aisline Suicide is wearing a Rancid T-shirt in this photo set. This either means she has some taste in music or she, unfortunately, shops at Target. Not that there’s anything wrong with Target, but in my opinion they do try to make rock/metal bands a hipster fashion accessory.

Don’t forget to click on the images for a larger version.

Revenge Suicide

Age: 22
Location: France

Revenge suicide

Occupation: Photography
Gets me hot: Body modifications , suicide girls, chocolate!, massage
I lost my virginity: I am a virgin!

MY DIET: Omnivore
ALCOHOL: Occasionally
MY KINK FACTOR: I’m saving myself for Jesus!
MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME: Bars, after parties, home by dawn
I WANT: Friendship
MY PIGEONHOLES: Fuck you, I defy categories

Makes me happy: Friends, family, sun, music, taking pictures, making tattoos and makis, yummy!
Makes me sad: Maybe regrets
Hobbies: Photography, music, arts, concerts, literature, shopping
5 things I can’t live without: Family, friends, taking photos, body modifications (especially tattoos), men
Vices: Chocolate, anger, cigarettes, sex, sensitiveness, bod mod
Thoughts on SG: I love it
I spend most of my free time: Seeing my friends, taking pictures (again), reading books, cooking

Revenge suicide

Bands: Joy Division, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Obits, The Who, City and Colour, Gallows, Biffy Clyro, The Sonics, Black Flag, The Clash, The Smiths, The Kinks, Fever Ray, The Black Angels, The Black Keys, Beirut, Jeff Buckley, Gainsbourg, Bashung, Metronomy, Foals, NIN, Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, Metric, Janis Joplin, Dough Rollers, QOTSA

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