Metallica Makes Another Douchey Move


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Metallica isn’t a deliberate target; they just keep doing stupid shit that deserves calling out. So what have they done now? They’ve gone after more money… again.

While this latest money grab might not be the result of Metallica actively pursuing it, as was the case with Napster, the band has agreed to recommendations made by Peter Mensch and Cliff Burnstein of the Q Prime management company. That recommendation is for Metallica (and also the Red Hot Chili Peppers) to move up their 2013 European tour to 2012 in order to avoid the likely collapse of the Euro and, ultimately, maximize their profits.

Why this is pissing us off?

Man Giving Finger to MetallicaIn all fairness, that’s business. However, a band is a different kind of business. Yes, like most businesses, a band is selling a product, but what’s unique to the music industry is that bands are also selling themselves, a culture, a lifestyle, a voice, “art,” etc. Music is also a patron art, which means it relies on selling tickets (or albums and merch). It can be said that once a band has garnered as many patrons (i.e., fans) and has had the longevity that Metallica has had, they owe it to their fans to deliver. Fans invest themselves in a band, which translates into many years of interest, evangelism, and, well, spending money. Fans deserve respect, and moving your tour dates around isn’t respectful.

So what happens after 2013, or whenever the Eurozone collapse happens? When Metallica or any other band should tour Europe in a weak economy? Are they just going to ignore the fans there until their money is worth more? Nice way to treat those who’ve made your lifestyle possible. Surely other bands will follow suit and there will be a concert crisis in Europe as well.

Here’s an idea Europe:

Teach those motherfuckers a lesson. Don’t see Metallica at all and save your money for when your economy is in ruins in 2013 — you’re gonna need it.

Here’s some advice for Metallica:

If the bottom line is your main concern, use one jet for all four of you instead of each of you using individual jets. Among other things, you’re obviously not a green band.

What world is this that a band, as long as they’re rich enough, are able to shift tour dates around to ensure maximum profits? Where’s the integrity in that?

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