Suicide Monday: Bring Coffee

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Because Mondays suck – Here’s your suicide solution.

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Welcome to Suicide Monday on Yell! Magazine. Each week we’re going to bring you a favorite girl or two who were featured on during the previous week.

What constitutes a “favorite” girl? Well, she has to meet a few of our standards: She should be fairly heavily tattooed and/or pierced, into one or more of our topics of interest (heavy metal/hardcore rap, horror/sci-fi/action movies, MMA, and/or specific types of video games), and seemingly interesting as a person (as best as we can judge from the brief bio SuicidGirls sends us), and sexy.

Why SuicideGirls? They say it best: “SuicideGirls is a community that celebrates Alternative Beauty and alternative culture from all over the world.” Hey, we’re into that subculture thing too.

The Girls

If you want into the hearts of either of the SuicideGirls we’re presenting today, you better bring coffee. While SakuraRedd likes the smell and taste of coffee, Plum actually claims to get hot by it. Whatever trips your trigger.

SakuraRedd-suicide-2We’ve actually met SakuraRedd before in Suicide Monday, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have her back. And while her homeland of Greece might be sinking financially, she seems to be doing just fine at making a career out of being sexy. Thank you.

plum-suicide-thumbAnd our second SuicideGirl today is Plum Suicide… and she’s just as cute as a plum (said with a Southern accent to add charm). OK, she’s from Portugal, which means she’s the second European today. Guess Europe is really trying to push their exports this week.

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Age: 27
Location: Greece
Occupation: I am trouble!


Body mods: Tattoos & Piercings
Heroes: Darth Vader
I lost my virginity: Long time ago…

ALCOHOL: I am a complete drunkard
MY KINK FACTOR: I’ll try anything once, especially if you beg for it.
MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME: When I go out, ANYTHING can happen.
MY PIGEONHOLES: Fuck you, I defy categories

Into: Japan, fetish scene, Japanese rope bondage, red lipstick, seamed stockings, tattoos, piercings, Agent Provocateur, latex, photography, Nobuyoshi Araki, Gilles Berquet, torture garden, medical, moon and stars, Hello Kitty, Rain, Alcohol and Sex!
Makes me happy: Rain, smell and taste of coffee, travelling with trains, eating cupcakes, music, kissing, love, going out with friends, dancing, getting drunk, staying up all night, spending my mornings with a hangover and sex!
Hobbies: Drinking beer…
Thoughts on SG: I love it


Bands: Marilyn Manson, Deftones, Rammstein, New Model Army, Nine Inch Nails, Bush, Wipers, My Chemical Romance, Faith No More, Hole

Films: Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway, Dogville, Star Wars, Stay, Requiem for a Dream, Oldboy, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting

TV shows: Californication, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, LOST, 30 Rock, Two and a half Men, Modern Family, South Park, Family Guy, La femme Nikita

Video Games: Silent Hill

We would love to take a big bite into this Plum…

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